It is definitely The Year of The Snake. Not since Jungle Book has Kaa been more popular.  In the fashion world, the snake is poised ready to strike big time.

I am in love with the snake tote bag and the biker jacket from Lemiena, featuring in the advertising campaign that  I helped to style for a friend of a friend, Melanie Kaye at the Dorchester with photographer, Darren Paul.

Some shoots are such a pleasure, especially when you are styling fabulous accessories such as cashmere and suede wraps, leather jackets, snakeskin belts and vibrantly printed scarves. all luxury looks to lust after.

Now I have a buff colour Lemiena cashmere wrap, I don't know how I lived without it.

It's also great to see the start of a new high end British accessory brand - I remember Mulberry when it was started by Roger Saul over 40 years ago in his garage in Somerset and just look at it now it's one of the biggest, most successful names in the fashion business.