For the new 2014 winter issue of Epicurean Life, we shot glamorous couture frocks in the coolest of locations. Literally. The ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL in Heddon Street, London, which features a frozen icebar kept at minus 5C for a really chilled night out.

Shooting there was a challenge - not least, keeping each shot to the minimum time to avoid a frozen model. There was also the fact that the photographer's laptop slowed considerably - and the batteries for the lights lasted only minutes in the cold.  Then there was a very over-excited husky to contend with.

And, yes, I know that I always say that I like a challenge, but the fact that we had to start at 7.30am and finish by midday and had security guards lining up with diamonds worth zillions for the shots, added extra frissons of pressure.

But, as with any shoot that takes that bit extra, it was all worth it. The ice created amazing reflections and contours, the husky oozed blue-eyed charm, the jewellery was stunning - and we were finished by noon in time to warm up with a hot bowl of soup....

Dresses from Catherine Walker, Bruce Oldfield, Jacques Azagury, Hollie de Keyser, Rachel of Paris, Yuvna Kym, Veronica Moncho Lobo.

Furs from Lemiena, Jonny Beardsall and My Mink.

Jewellery: Boodles, Jewellery Theatre, Joubi, Lemiena, Theo Fennell, Holts, Diamonfire, Victoria Tryon and David Marshall

Hair and MakeUp: Rosie Kor

Model: Jade at Lenis Model Management

Photographer: Darren Paul