I have worked in the fashion media business for many years (I have pins older than some young stylists). So I have a vast range of experience in fashion, styling and working with people (not to mention a few divas). Oh and also working with kids and animals (and, if you want to know,  elephants are the easiest).

As a top fashion stylist I could find myself surreally ironing dresses half way up a mountain one day and, the next,  dressing Jerry Hall in a giant clamshell as Botticelli's Venus. I have travelled all over the world with my prop kit, watching the sun rise in Hawaii - and sometimes not rising because of heavy cloud in other exotic destinations. I've been thigh deep in snow in Lapland and drenched by a monsoon in Miami. But, hey, I would never complain because what better way to make a living?

On the fashion retail side, I started fashion life on the trade bibles, Drapers Record and Men's Wear. I have also worked with stores such a Beales, redesigned a boutique on the South Coast and been a consultant for a high quality tailoring collection.

You will see that I have a Sport category - this is because I like to balance the glitter with the fitter. As a recreational runner (I have managed six marathons) and seasoned windsurfer, skier and snowboarder,  not only does it keep me fit but it also means I am as up to speed with the latest neoprene as with the latest neo Preen.

I rather be known as a Stylist than a Fashionista because style will always outlive fashion. To plagiarise Yves Saint Laurent  (and slightly edit) his philosophy, this will be my epitaph: Fashions fade, but a stylist is eternal



  • Freelance Editorial/Styling - Hello, Weekend, Vantage, Kensington & Chelsea, Mayfair Magazine
  • Fashion Editor -Epicurean Life
  • Fashion Editor - Knightsbridge Magazine


  • Contributing Fashion Editor - Wedding Day & Brides
  • Freelance - Sunday Times Style, Healthy Magazine, You Magazine
  • Fashion Director: Aura
  • Fashion Features Editor: Tatler
  • Fashion Director: Cosmopolitan
  • Fashion Director: W Magazine
  • Fashion Editor: The Evening Standard
  • Fashion Director: Drapers Record & Men's Wear


    Boden, Pulsar Watches, Barclay Cigarettes, Hawkshead, Kaleidoscope, The White Company, SAKS Hair, Charles Worthington, Siemens, Phillips, The Woman in White, Electric Hair, Tesco Magazine, Brockmans Gin


    London Boat Show at Excel /NSPCC at Claridges / Beales of Bournemouth / Amanda Wakeley at La Brasserie / Magic Bus India at The Dorchester



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