I had a brief yet stylish encounter with the lovely Julian Clary at his house in Kent, the former home of the late Noel Coward, when I styled him for last week's 10 page feature in Hello magazine, coinciding with the launch of his new and very entertaining novel, Briefs Encountered.

A smoking jacket was, of course, de rigueur and I brought a selection including the black velvet one that Julian selected from Favourbrook with bee brocade patterned waistcoat (right) which he wore with ultra chic Issey Miyake black linen trousers and 

embroidered velvet slippers from Oliver Brown (which he loved so much that he decided to buy them). He also looked very urbane in the selection of Issey Miyake suits and shirts that I brought from the SS12 collection, currently in store (suit and t-shirt, left).

As well as styling, I spent a rather unstylish hour flapping my arms and chasing his chicken around the garden for a rural shot of Julian wearing tweed coat and wellingtons while feeding them. 

However, his two dogs, Valerie and Albert were more excited by the whole process, and Albert was especially keen to be in every shot (as pictured sharing the sofa with Julian). Unfortunately, he did leave a momento of himself in the form of a hair or two on the Issey Miyake.